Quiz – Sandplay Understanding

Please answer the questions below. We realize that some of the questions are rather difficult. We are not looking for perfection, rather to assess your learning to date

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1) In your own words, please describe how a symbol is formed and how it works to effect change on the psyche.
2) In your own words, please describe how Sandplay works to effect change in the psyche.
3) In your own words, please describe how sandplay works neurobiologically to bring about change in the brain.
4) In your own words, please describe and define the basic structures of the psyche defined by Carl G. Jung. Define and describe the fundamental dynamics of the psyche in Jungian theory.
5) Using your responses from Question 5, please describe how Jungian theory applies to the Sandplay method giving particular attention to conscious and unconscious positions, the shadow, complexes and the Self. How does the size and the shape of the tray Dora Kalff designed facilitate this process?

Loving Kindness, Clarity & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay Therapy