AST Newsletter: June 2016

Summer is on its way and it brings a lot of growth and development to AST.

  • Membership Renewals
  • Events
  • AST Logo for Members
  • Consultation and Personal Process Log
  • Board Update
  • The Collection Connection
  • Modifications of Registration Categories


It is time for our annual Membership renewals. And we always welcome new members to support our growing Association. Membership brings many benefits, in addition to its fundamental role in sustaining the AST and the values of clarity loving kindness and humility in the practice of Sandplay.

Membership Benefits:

15% Discount on all AST events and online sales. In addition, Members will receive a 15% discount on Sandplay figures from our upcoming “Collection Connection” online store. You can read more about this below.

Membership Levels:

MAST – Member Association for Sandplay Therapy – This is our general supportive level of membership, open to all. Dues are $75/year. Join or renew at:

STR & STR-S Members – Registered Sandplay Therapist & Registered Sandplay Therapist – Supervisor – Dues are $100/year. Renew at:

STR/S Membership renewals also include updates regarding:

Personal Inventory Statement: Brief statement reflecting on one’s relationship to the work, learning, frustrations, plans for the future, etc. 500 words or two pages maximum.

And one of the following –

  1. Volunteer Work in Sandplay: Provide professional community education, therapeutic services, etc., on a pro bono basis. Examples: charity work at an agency; doing a presentation overview of sandplay therapy for clinicians, writing an article in a health magazine about Sandplay, etc.
  2. Continued Education: Give evidence of continued learning and/or contributions to research in Sandplay on the form provided. This may be reading and study that supplements work in Sandplay; taking workshops or classes relevant to Sandplay; engaging in a research project on Sandplay; teaching Sandplay therapy as an STR-S. Please note that STR-S registrants are encouraged to make academic and research contributions.


Webinar Series
Quarterly webinars – Free to members & $25 Non-Members. Register on the “Events” page:

Sacred Circles
Glennery Besson, PhD

July 25, 2016
6:00 – 7:30 pm Pacific Time

Fundamentals of Jungian Psychology
Eunice Stagg

October 17, 2016
6:00 – 7:30 pm UK time

Please note that webinars are being recorded for future viewing on the website

2016 International Sandplay Gathering

Kruger National Park – South Africa
September 19 – 26, 2016
Our program is very rich this year, with contributions of animal symbolism from each participant, group consultations open to all, as well as our presentation program. We still have room to squeeze in a few more people, don’t hesitate, the gates are closing!


We are delighted to unveil our bright, new Masthead and logo. The logo is now available for all Members to use on your websites and/or cards and stationery. You will receive a link and instructions with your membership renewal.


We now have a form for Members to record their consultation and personal process hours. It is downloadable on the website on the “Payments” page. Thanks to Member, Lara Kasza for this wonderful contribution.


The Board of Directors of AST extend our warm thanks to Glennery Besson for her contributions and service. We welcome Rose Harriet and are delighted to have her on Board. Our current Board Members are:

Eunice Stagg – Secretary, Keeper of Records & Membership Oversight
Celia van Wyk – Event Planning
Rose Harriet – Website Management
Barbara Turner – Planning & Development

We want to also thank our Members who have volunteered to manage many of our tasks. A special thanks to Bev Wilson for her Management of Member Records, and to Ann Lawson, for her work to create our figure shop, as our official Manager of the Collection Connection.


Thanks to the generosity of our Members, the AST has been given the collections of two retiring Sandplay therapists. This resulted in the idea of selling the figures in an online store as an AST fundraiser. Ann Lawson is taking the lead on this project. We anticipate the store opening by the first of 2017.

As the AST is a tax exempt organization, anyone donating a collection will receive a receipt for a charitable contribution.

To donate collections, email us at: Collection


Following APA guidelines, the AST will change the use of the term “Supervisor” to “Consultant.” The term Supervisor may be construed to imply that the actions of those being supervised are the responsibility of the Supervisor, thus making the Supervisor legally responsible for what a supervisee might do or fail to do.

As we have moved through our first year and a half the Membership Committee shared their observations with the Board, noting that the Registered Sandplay Therapist – Teaching qualifications, particularly the period of experience with Sandplay and the pedagogical training components, were not adequately preparing potential teachers. They also observed that the current requirements for the STR-S registration were working to prepare Sandplay consultants. The Board thus agreed to separate the Consulting from the Teaching qualifications, creating two new categories: Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant, STR-C, and Registered Sandplay Therapist Consultant Teacher, STR-CT.

In addition, the Membership Committee, raised concerns about the number of client hours an STR applicant should have to qualify. The Board concurred that AST is concerned with the principle of quality in Sandplay. Quantity is never a measure of quality. Thus, the Board agreed that the requirement for STR applicants be altered to include the presentation of a case to a Consultant other than those with whom he or she has already worked.

Thus, beginning January 1, 2017, the terms of the AST Registration Requirements will be changed as follows:

All supervisory work will adopt the term “Consultation/Consultant”

Registered Sandplay Therapist – STR Applicants

As a measure of quality of practice, all STR applicants will review a Sandplay case with an STR-C, with whom they have not worked.

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant STR-C
No changes.

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant Teacher
Change period of experience time to 5 years as an STR.