AST Newsletter: December 2016

Clarity, Loving Kindness & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay

A Message from Eunice Stagg, Board Member

As the days shorten, leaves fall and winter approaches we are reminded that this season of darkness is also the time for rest and renewal. As the land becomes quiet and still, animals slumber deeply, snug in their blanket of hibernation. The countryside appears fallow, yet deeply underground the seeds of next year’s harvest are already beginning to anchor their roots, in preparation for the abundance to come.

This time of year is also when we celebrate the festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah, Advent and Christmas, reminding us that it is at the moments of greatest and deepest darkness the light shines most brightly.

Sometimes in our Sandplay work with our clients and, indeed often in our own lives,we can feel that sense of darkness, it appears that not much is happening, changing or growing, the ground feels barren and we wonder if all our efforts are in vain.

At these times we need to remember the lessons that this season brings and embrace the darkness with courage and expectation. We must hold on tightly to the truth and integrity of our sandplay work and patiently wait for the light to pierce the moments of confusion, darkness and despair, knowing that as we are drawn into the depth of the psyche and reach the limits of our own understanding, new life is taking place and the promise of replenishment, hope and rebirth lie just ahead.
Wishing you all the rich blessings this season has to offer. Eunice

Did you know…People who collect sand as a hobby are known as arenophiles
and organisms that thrive in sandy environments are psammophiles?

Board News
We have added January 15th as a second membership renewal date. This gives us two renewal dates – July 15th and January 15th. The date of your renewal will be the renewal date in advance of your application date. For example, if I join as a MAST

member in November 2016, my annual renewal date will fall in January, and my first renewal date will be January 2018.

We will be sending out renewal reminders. To make renewing easier, we will also send Paypal invoices. Clicking the link will take you right to the payment page, and it is as simple as that!

Please know that we greatly appreciate all of your generous support that works to make The Association for Sandplay Therapy the wonderful organization that it is. Each contribution, no matter how small, works to strengthen clarity, loving kindness and humility in the practice of Sandplay Therapy.

News from Around the World

Musings of my trip to Africa- Rose Harriet, Board Member Africa. . . The word alone conjures images of lions, zebras, and mighty elephants. The experience of Africa is one of unforgettable connection to the earth. Attending the AST Sandplay Convention
at Kruger National Park has affected me in ways so profound, words cannot adequately describe the feeling of connection. It’s as if I went home to a place I had never lived. I immediately felt I belonged there; the people are so loving, inviting, kind, and friendly. The wildlife is more magnificent than ever imagined. At Kruger, I found myself wondering where I stopped and nature began. The red earth, exotic animals in their natural environment, and jasmine-scented breezes enveloping my senses still call to me daily. I am already anticipating my renewal of this sacred experience. AST will offer this magnificent opportunity again in September 2018.
I will return. Africa.

From Constanta, Romania

This summer, in the beautiful Romanian city of Constanta on the Black Sea, Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir, PhD, trained a lively group of seventeen participants on their way to
becoming Certified Sandtray Play Practitioners.

Sandtray Play in Education is the method Dr. Unnsteinsdóttir has developed for the purpose of welcoming the imagination and the exploration of less conscious thought processes into the educational curriculum. Her studies have evidenced that having children engage in free, imaginative play using small figures in the tray of sand, followed by the telling of a story, resulted in substantial improvements in behavior and language skills. The Sandtray Play method borrows the tools of Sandplay therapy but is not used as a
therapeutic tool. Sandtray Play is however, therapeutic, as are all other forms of free and safe play.

Kristín with Daniela Marinescu, STR, center, with the enthusiastic training group in Constanta, Romania

The Sandtray Play Training program is followed by five group supervision sessions and Certification is granted upon approval of the supervisor.

For more information about Sandtray Play training, please contact Kristín at: Contact Kristín

The Tradition of the Christmas Tree
The tradition of using pine trees at the winter solstice is very rich in breadth and depth. Conifer pines are an ancient plant species. Some people aver that the pine cone is an ancient relative of the flower. An example of this is that pine cones spiral in the beautiful Fibonacci sequence, as do the sunflower’s seeds. Symbolically, the pine cone carries energies of enlightenment, what is known as the third eye, and the pineal gland. The pineal gland, located near the center of the brain, produces melatonin, a hormonal substance which controls sleep patterns in daily and seasonal cycles. While science denies it, there are still believers, who like, René Descartes, who believe that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul.

Upcoming Events Celia van Wyk, RST-CT – South Africa
13-17 February, 2017
Sandplay I Week 1; Bloemfontein, Free State 6-10 March, 2017
Sandplay I Week 1; Johannesburg, Gauteng 8-12 May, 2017
Sandplay I Week 1; Stellenbosch, Cape Town July, 2017
Sandtray Play in Education; UK For more information: Trainings with Celia

Barbara Turner, RST-CT – USA
In the beautiful Palm Springs area of Southern California Join Dr. Barbara Turner, author of the Handbook of Sandplay Therapy, for her well-known core curriculum in Jungian Sandplay.

For more information: Trainings with Barbara

Sandplay I
March 27 – April 7, 2017 – 60 hours

Sandplay II
August 21 – September 1, 2017 – 60 hours

Trainings with Eunice Stagg – UK Singapore
Starting 9th January 2017 UK – Starting 4th October 2017

For more information: Trainings with Eunice

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone.
May we abide in the spirit of clarity, loving kindness and humility

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