Daniela Marinescu


Photo of Daniela Marinescu

Daniela Marinescu is Jungian Sandplay Therapist, Jungian Sandplay
Therapy Consultant and Teacher registered by AST and Sandtray Play in
Education Practitioner.
She is Board Member of AST and President of Romanian Sandplay
Therapy Association.
She is approuved Clinician Psychologist, Master in Jungian Psychotherapy,
has study stages in Psychoanalisys of family bonds and NLP, is trained in
Pedagogie relational ESPERE by Jaques Salome and is trained and
certified in Sandtray Play in Education by Kristin Unsteinsdottir.
Daniela works with Sandplay from 2009 and she sustained hundreds of
children, adolescents and adults to find the healthy functioning of their soul.
In 2014 Daniela also created Integrative Sandplay® Training as a way to
introduce the diversity of play with sand into psychological practice. She
found the ways to put to work in a coherent manner Jungian Sandplay
principles with Sandtray techniques, Sandwork and different kinds of
SandArt in the processes she sustains with individuals, families and
She works hard to spread Sandplay Therapy and offers workshops for
introduction in the field of Sandplay and trainings in Sandplay Therapy.
Especially she loves to teach about therapeutic relationship in Sandplay
and about Jungian understanding of Sandplay scenes and process. She
has a deep interest on psychodiagnostic perspectives and on the symbolic
images of psychodynamics offered by Sandplay scenes series.
Completely dedicated to this complex, deep and delicate therapy, Daniela
founded Romanian Sandplay Therapy Association in 2010. In 2012 she
opened Sandplay Clinic in Bucharest and in 2018 founded Sandplay
Academy for training In Sandplay Therapy and Integrative Sandplay.
Daniela is coauthor of International Handbook of Sandplay Therapy and
sustains the translation of most important books of Sandplay into
Romanian language.