Marina Alekseeva, TC RSAP/IAAP

STR Analytical Psychologist
Location Moscow Russia Website: Almanac for Sandplay Therapy


Photo of Marina Alekseeva TC RSAP/IAAP

Registered Sandplay Therapist (RST), Analytical Psychologist (RSAP/IAAP routing candidate), Art therapist,  Teacher of psychology, Supervisor. Chief editor of the Almanac for Sandplay Therapy ( )

I work as a Jungian analyst at private practice with adults, adolescents and children. Sandplay is fully incorporated in my work and I have them well going together. I teach Psychological Counselling, Art therapy and do group supervision at a Psychological Institute in Moscow. I had my own Sandplay process  with Barbara Turner in the US and with Martin Kalff in Switzerland, that I greatly enjoyed, and I do my best, using my professional skills and background to help  my clients  reach the depths of their souls, being with them together as the ‘a little more knowing’ companion on their journeys to themselves. This is a truly remarkable experience always and analytical work, as well as Sandplay, never stops surprising me. I did supervision in a group with Barbara Turner for nearly 6 years and every case was a miracle. Sandplay pictures may  be considered as  dreams in analysis and help me understand the client even better sometimes, as when describing the dream verbally, we can miss some important details that may be revealed only when a 3-D picture  is built in the tray. Even the client’s work with the sand itself can tell the therapist  a lot about early preverbal developmental issues of the person, and  that is why I find Sandplay truly remarkable and unique.  I am very grateful and  hold all of  my teachers, therapists and supervisors in my heart, thanking them for their wisdom, insight  and compassion.