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I remember the first time I walked into a Sandplay workshop as it if was yesterday. In some ways I was overwhelmed, and couldn’t begin to think how this way of working could help. Yet within minutes I was hooked! So began a journey of self-discovery, which I have built upon over the years. This work is powerful and I recognised very early on that training was essential. I was blessed to complete my training under Eunice Stagg, with whom I have also helped offering workshops in the North East of England. Currently I am assisting her as she delivers Sandplay training in Ely, UK.

As a Bacp Accredited counsellor/psychotherapist and supervisor I have 17 years’ experience of working with many client groups.  I love my work, and find it can be so enhanced when clients choose to work in the sand.

I am happy for anyone to see my CV, which evidences advanced training of many kinds, but what I have understood most is that, it is my presence, and how I use that presence that influences the work most. With AST I have found the very best teachers, and I try to use the same qualities of clarity, loving kindness and humility in my own work. This work brings out a real passion in me.  It is so often intangible, and hard to get hold off what makes it so powerful, but I am constantly surprised and enchanted in my work, and am happy, indeed honoured, to be alongside anyone who wants to complete their process.

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