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I’m an integrative therapist with 16 years’ counselling experience. My primary training is in the person-centred approach and this remains the bedrock of my practice. Having worked for 4 large counselling agencies within Northern Ireland, with adults and young people, I have had the privilege of counselling with people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultural, religious, sexual and gender identities.
After participating in an introductory workshop to Jungian Sandplay in 2012 I developed a reverence for the depth and expansiveness of this way of working. I engaged in my own personal process with a Certified Sandplay therapist (BISS) and have completed Certified Sandplay training with Eunice Stagg (AST).
I have very much embraced the transformative nature of becoming a Sandplay therapist and have no doubt that this process will continue on a personal and professional level. I count it a privilege to work with those who choose to use the sand, water and miniatures alongside traditional talking therapy.
If this way of working interests you, I would be delighted to hear from you to explore further your needs and whether we might work together.

Loving Kindness, Clarity & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay Therapy