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Qualifications for Registration  STR , STR-C & STR-CT

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 General Information

The Association for Sandplay Therapy Membership* consists of mental health clinicians from all nations, who support the values and purposes set forth herein.  There are four classes of Affiliates:

Member Association for Sandplay Therapy- MAST
This level of General Affiliation consists of mental health clinicians who are supportive of the guiding principles of the Association; who are studying or interested in studying Sandplay Therapy. MAST Members are welcomed at Association events; will receive newsletters, event and book discounts.  The MAST Membership supports the AST’s continued work.

Registered Sandplay Therapists – STR
This level of affiliation is granted by the Association to MAST Members who have satisfied the qualifications detail below. STR Members are granted the right to describe themselves as STR – Registered Sandplay Therapists and to use this designation in any professional publications, promotional materials, etc. STR Members may provide Sandplay process to MAST Members who are working to become Registered STR.

Please Note:  The granting of all designations or qualification by the AST is based on quality or readiness.  Designations are not necessarily granted, because a candidate has completed all of the qualifying procedures.  If the supervising mentors  do not feel a candidate is ready to perform the duties of the designation, they will advise the candidate of methods for further skill building.  If after that, the candidate is still unable to demonstrate readiness, his or her application will be held until such further date if and when he or she can demonstrate readiness.

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant   STR-C
This level of affiliation is granted to those STR Members who have  been an RST for a minimum of three -3- years and have satisfied the requirements detailed below. STR-C Members are granted the right to describe themselves as STR-C – Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultants and to use this designation in any professional publications, promotional materials, etc. STR-C Members may provide Sandplay process and consultation to MAST and RST Members who are working to become Registered STR or STR-C Members. 

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant Teacher  STR-CT 
To qualify as a Sandplay Therapist Consultant Teacher, the candidate must have been an RST-C for a minimum of 2 years, along with the requirements listed below. The Consultant Teacher delivers trainings using the AST approved Core Curriculum.

Also Note:  The Registration requirements applicants use are those in effect at the time they complete and submit their applications.

Registration Requirements

Registered Sandplay Therapist – STR

1.   MAST Membership: STR applicants must be MAST members  of a one year minimum, prior to submitting the STR application.

2. Education:  Applicants must provide evidence of post graduate education in mental health treatment, such as psychotherapy, counseling, art therapy or social work on the Masters and/or Doctoral Level. Exceptions will be made for applicants from those countries where these options are not available. In such cases, applicants must provide evidence of some university background, training in psychotherapy, counseling, social work or art therapy and experience as a counselor, therapist or social worker.

3.  License:  Applicants must provide information pertinent to professional license or certification as required by his or her resident location.

4.  Sandplay Training Courses:  Attendance and participation in the Association’s Sandplay Trainings I and II, using the AST approved Core Curriculum, totaling a minimum of 120 hours. 

Or, applicants must provide evidence of the equivalent education received from International Society for Sandplay Therapy-ISST Certified Teachers. Such exceptions will be individually evaluated by the Council and supplemental learning and/or experience may be required where necessary. If training was taken elsewhere, candidate will take the AST online Quiz on Sandplay Understanding. See the “Assessments” tab.

5.  Elective Courses: Attendance at and participation in elective Sandplay courses taught by Registered Sandplay Therapist – Supervisors-STR-S or International Society for Sandplay Therapy Teachers-ISST, totaling 10 hours.

6.  Online Coursework: Successful completion of Dr. Turner’s online Sandplay curriculum, Introductory and Intermediate courses. See    “Online Courses” tab.

Or, evidence of having read, studied and gained fluency with the classic works in Sandplay: Dora Kalff’s Sandplay: A Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche; Estelle L. Weinrib’s Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process; and H.G. Wells’ Floor Games. Evidence will be provided by successfully passing the Association’s online quiz designed for this purpose. See the “Assessments” tab for the Quiz on Sandplay Fundamentals.

8.  Understanding Sandplay Assessment:  Candidates for STR must take the “Understanding Sandplay” Assessment located on the “Assessment” tab. The purpose of this Assessment is to develop and ensure clarity about what Sandplay is, and how it works.

7. Personal Sandplay Experience with a Registered Sandplay Therapist-STR, STR-C, STR-CT, or a Certified Sandplay Therapist-ISST to include a minimum of 11 sessions. This is in addition to the 10 sessions completed in the course work. If training was not done as an AST Certified Core curriculum, the total Sandplay sessions must be a minimum of 21. The Association recognizes that a  Sandplay process is an intimate personal experience shared between client and therapist. The effectiveness, depth or sincerity of the Sandplay work cannot be insured nor measured by quantity of time or numbers of sand trays. The authenticity of the work is entrusted to the individual Candidate. The purpose of the personal Sandplay experience is for the Candidate to undergo and experience Sandplay as a client.
AST policy is to clearly separate the role of process therapist  from those of consultant, and teacher. Students will engage at least two (2) consultants in their Sandplay work for a minimum of ten (10) sessions each with each consultant to provide a diverse education. Under not circumstances should the  process therapist provide case consultation to his or her clients. Effective September 1, 2019.

8.  Summary of Personal Process Experience:  A written summary by Candidate of his or her personal experience of the personal Sandplay process not to exceed 500 words, or two pages.

9. Consultation by a Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant – STR-C, or  STR-CT, totaling 50 hours, a minimum of 10 which must be individual supervision, the balance of which may be group or individual supervision. A minimum of ten -10- consultation sessions must be done with two or more consultants for a variety of experience. Must present a minimum of 5 times in group meetings of 110 minutes.

Please Note: For applications filed September 1st, 2019, and following, it will be AST policy to separate the roles of teacher, consultant, and personal process therapist. Applicants may not have the same person fulfill any two of these roles.

10.  Sandplay Case Review with an STR-C, or STR-CT with whom they have not worked. The case review is not a test of expertise, rather a  demonstration of a working awareness of symbolism and psychic process in Sandplay. This review is a 1 hour session. Candidate will review the first tray, a middle tray, and a final tray with the Consultant to demonstrate understanding of the initial direction of the healing, the psychological issues being addressed and the psychic assets the client has to proceed with this process. The client’s progress will be examined with the mid tray. Candidate will discuss how any healing and transformation is indicated in this tray in comparison with Tray 1. If the third tray is a final tray, Candidate will briefly describe how the client concluded his or her work. If the work is still in process, Candidate will discuss progress to date, how it is indicated in the tray and possible direction(s) forward.

Please note that the review session is to demonstrate a growing level of understanding and is not to be construed as as evidence of perfection. We can never understand all that transpires in Sandplay. What the Registration Committee is looking for is an understanding of what questions to be asking oneself when working with a case; what resources to use to deepen understanding; what is problematic with a particular case and how to deal with that situation.

11.  Disposition to Sandplay Work: Registrant must attest by written word that he or she understands the power and depth of Jungian Sandplay and that practicing Sandplay is a sacred responsibility, which demands reverence and humility. To maintain these values Registrant agrees to practice loving compassion with his or her clients, colleagues and with him or herself. Registrant acknowledges that should he or she ever begin to feel seduced by or some way disordered in relation to the power of Sandplay he or she agrees to seek immediate supervision and/or therapy. If the Council of Mentors has concerns about the actions of a Member, they may call the Registrant in for review and direct Registrant to seek remedy, which may include supervision and/or therapy. If Registrant feels that a Member colleague is acting in a way that is disordered to Association’s core values he or she agrees to approach and discuss the concerns with the Member and, if unresolved, to bring this to the attention of the Council of Mentors under protection of anonymity. The Council of Mentors will review and manage any such issues with loving compassion, making recommendations for remedy to the Registrant where necessary. Should the Registrant fail to comply with the disposition of the Council of Mentors, he or she is subject to suspension or termination of Registration.

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant  STR-C

1.   Experience as a Registered Sandplay Therapist: A minimum of three -3- years as a STR.

2.  Mentored Consultation Training:  STR-C candidates will seek their own mentoring/training assistance from a current STR-CT.  This will include work with groups and individuals with the mentor. 

In this course of training, the candidate begins as an assistant consultant, and follows all of the RST-CT’s suggestions for improvement, skill building, group guidance and group member empowerment skills.  At the discretion of the RST-CT, the candidate will then act as lead consultant in one or more group and individual consultations, until such time as the supervising RST-CT feels the candidate is qualified for independent work as a RST-CT.

When prepared and with mentor’s approval, the candidate will conduct one or more group and individual consultation sessions with an STR-CT with whom they have not previously worked for approval of readiness, or suggestions for further learning by the second STR-CT.

3.   Working Understanding of Jungian Personality Theory:  Online course work Level III or equivalent demonstration of a working understanding of Jungian personality theory in Sandplay process. See for the online curriculum in Jungian personality theory.

Registered Sandplay Therapist – Consultant Teacher

RST-C Membership:  To qualify as a Sandplay Therapist Consultant Teacher, the candidate must have been an RST-C for a minimum of two -2- years.

Academic Contributions:  The candidate must have made academic contributions to the field, in the form of published materials in Sandplay in  journals known in the field, in books, etc.

Pedagogy in Sandplay Training:  Attend pedagogy courses in Sandplay therapy taught by STR-CT – 10 hours

Course content to focus on Sandplay education, process management of participant transformation and other concerns related specifically to teaching Sandplay.

Mentored Teaching with STR-CT:  Work with Teaching Mentor in several trainings to gain experience of content delivery, participant management, containing participants’ transformation, etc.  When Mentor feels the applicant is ready, applicant will prepare and teach two cases, providing participants with an outline of the process of change in each case. Draw on all learning and incorporate Jungian personality theory. Have participants complete evaluation forms in each instance and review with Mentor Teacher. Mentor will provide a written summary of teaching, evaluations and review with candidate.

4.  Mentored Teaching of Original Curriculum: 
Prepare and teach a full-day curriculum of Registrant’s own design under Mentor’s supervision. Have participants complete evaluation forms in each instance and review with Mentor Teacher. Mentor will provide a written summary of teaching and evaluations and review with candidate.

5.   Academic Contribution to Sandplay: Do one of the following:

A.   Write and publish a case study in a Sandplay Journal or on the Association’s Educational website page.

B.   Write and publish a theoretical paper on an aspect of Sandplay and illustrate with vignettes from several cases. Publish in a Sandplay Journal, a professional journal or on the Association’s Educational website page.

C.   Write and publish a book showing new work and insight into Sandplay therapy.

D.  Do original research in Sandplay therapy and publish the results in a recognized professional publication

6.    Network with International Colleagues:  Attend one or more international conferences on Sandplay Therapy. Make presentations when possible.

STR-CT Members may teach Sandplay therapy with a curriculum based on the AST Core Curriculum and approved by the Association’s Council of Mentors, or other such body appointed by the Council. STR-CT Members may also teach the AST Core Curriculum developed by themselves and approved of by the Council of Wisdom. STR-CT may teach Dr. Turner’s original Core Curriculum by separate agreement. 

All  STR-S members certified prior to 1/1/2017 will carry the designation STR-CT

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Annual Registration Renewals

Annual Registration and Membership renewals will include:

STR- Personal Inventory Statement: Brief statement reflecting on one’s relationship to the work, learning, frustrations, plans for the future, etc. 500 words or two pages maximum.

And one of the following –

1. Volunteer Work in Sandplay: Provide professional community education, therapeutic services, etc., on a pro bono basis. Examples: charity work at an agency; doing a presentation overview of sandplay therapy for clinicians, writing an article in a health magazine about Sandplay, etc.

2. Continued Education: Give evidence of continued learning and/or contributions to research in Sandplay on the form provided. This may be reading and study that supplements work in Sandplay; taking workshops or classes relevant to Sandplay; engaging in a research project on Sandplay; teaching Sandplay therapy as an STR-CT.

Please note that STR-C registrants are encouraged to make academic and research contributions.

 * As a matter of  corporate law, we must clarify that the words “member” and “membership” are used in the generic sense as participants and affiliates. 

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Renewals are due in January or July of each year (the renewal date in advance of the date you join.)
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