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We welcome your application to be Registered as a Sandplay Therapist. Please complete this form and follow the instructions for submission of attachments. Please remember to submit your STR membership fee – See the Payments page

STR Applications require a MAST membership of a minimum of one year is required. It is important that we support our organization in the process of seeing certification from AST.

Please note that applicants for STR and STR-S must first be MAST members of the Association.

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Case Review Session with STR-C or STR-CT. Dates of: Recommendations, Completion of Recommendations, if any & Consultant Approval. Provide in writing signed by Consultant

Disposition to Sandplay Work
By assigning my name hereunder, I agree that I understand the power and depth of Jungian Sandplay, and understand that practicing Sandplay is a sacred responsibility that demands reverence and humility. To maintain these values I agree to practice loving compassion with my clients, colleagues and with myself.

If I ever begin to feel seduced by the power of Sandplay I agree to seek immediate supervision and/or therapy. I acknowledge that the Council of Mentors may also call me in for review and direct me to seek supervision and/or therapy. I agree to comply with the Council's recommendations or be subject to suspension or termination of Registration in accordance with the AST Charter.

If a colleague is acting in a way that is disordered to Association’s core values I agree to bring this to the attention of the Council of Mentors with a guarantee of confidentiality.

Yes, I agree.

Would you like to be listed on the AST Membership web page? If yes please write your name, degree, license, location, email and/or website address. Write your name as you would like to have it on your Registration Certificate. Email us a photo for the website Directory, 2x2" 72dpi. Please note that it is preferable to use a website address instead of an email address, if available. Web crawlers often search for email addresses to send out spam.

Please email: Photo for Member Directory Page on website

Please note that your dues must be paid at the time of your application.
I hereby attest that all of the information I have submitted above is true and accurate

Yes, I agree.

Please go to the "Payments" page to pay your STR membership fee

Loving Kindness, Clarity & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay Therapy