Sandtray Play

Developed by Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir, PhD

The Board of the Association for Sandplay Therapy reached the decision that we  must concentrate on Jungian Sandplay Therapy. Our prior trainings and certifications in Sandtray Play – STP, although highly beneficial to participants, were diverting the energies of our still-new organization. The AST wants to be very clear, however that it remains in full support of  the use of Sandtray Play in the Educational setting.

Supported by ongoing evidence based research, the benefits of incorporating STP in the educational setting are many and broad . Dr. Kristín Unnsteinsdóttir’s studies,  developer of Sandtray Play, have affirmed that the introduction of this creative play method in the school setting results in a reduction of behavioral symptoms, improved self esteem, notable increases in language skills, and often raises WISC scores.

The AST is proud of our association with Dr. Unnsteinsdóttir’s and the tireless and intelligent work she has invested in Sandtray Play. You may contact Dr. Unnsteinsdóttir directly for information about STP and about arranging trainings in your area.

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Books About Sandtray Play

Loving Kindness, Clarity & Humility in the Practice of Sandplay Therapy