The Association for Sandplay Therapy, Inc. is an international professional  non-profit organization dedicated to the training and registration of mental health clinicians as Sandplay Therapists in the tradition of the founder of the Sandplay method, Dora Kalff

The number of Registered Sandplay therapists around the globe expands with each passing month. We are delighted to know that more and children and adults will have access to the profound healing and transformative powers of Jungian Sandplay.


Sandplay - Dora Kalff

Many members have been using their extra time to focus on their Registration as Sandplay Therapists. Our numbers of professional trained and registered clinicians continues to grow around the world. We are so heartened to know that growing numbers of children and adults will be able to experience the deeply healing and transformative powers of Sandplay.

Dora Kalff’s, Sandplay

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 The Association grants the designations . . .

Registered Sandplay Therapist, STR
Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultant, STR-C
Registered Sandplay Therapist-Consultant Teacher – STR-CT

. . . to mental health clinicians who have completed training sufficient to practice, or to supervise and teach as a Sandplay Therapists. The Association also certifies the core training and materials used by STR-CT members in their teaching. More information

The Association for Sandplay Therapy is founded on the core principles of Sandplay practice taught by Dora Kalff. These include clarity of mind, heart and action in Sandplay Therapy, with full acknowledgement that it is a great responsibility and an honor to practice Sandplay. In order to bring these qualities to our Sandplay work Association Members recognize that we must live our lives with personal and communal integrity, with kindness, loving compassion, humility, transparency and playfulness.

The Association is overseen by a Council of Mentors who dispatch duties of business and management on behalf of the Association and serve as a body of wisdom to hold and guide the Association.

Council Members

Eunice Stagg, President
Celia van Wyk, Kruger Conference
Rose Harriet, Secretary
Daniela Marinescu, Member at Large
Cheryl Stauffer, Membership
Janet Cassidy, Treasurer
Barbara Turner, Founder President Emeritus

. . . there is harmony when we work together


Our Equality Statement

Global harmony


2022 International Sandplay Congress
September 2022
The Quest for Meaning & the Self

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