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We welcome your application to be Registered as a Sandplay Therapist. Please complete this form and follow the instructions for submission of attachments. Please remember to submit your STR membership fee at the time of application.

Important: (September 15, 2020 and after )
You may begin your STR membership application process after completing courses, personal Sandplay process & supervision/consultation.
When applying, FIRST fill out the application & pay the dues. Then do the Assessments in the order you choose. FINALLY, schedule your Case Review.

STR, STR-C & STR-CT Members are required to do continuing education in Sandplay, Jungian theory, developmental psychology, etc., to renew.  Academic contributions are expected from STR-CTs.


STR Applications require a continuous MAST membership of a minimum of one year.  It is important to support our organization in the process of seeking certification from AST.

Pay Membership Fees

Pay Membership Fees here

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